Our Services

Launching your products and services in a new country is always a gamble, and often requires an important investment of resources, time and effort to be successful. Tirgus Consult can help you better understand what you’re getting into, so that you reduce your risk, find the right approach and the best partners, and can achieve your objectives more quickly.

If you have a unique product or service, Tirgus Consult will help you bring it to a new audience. In particular, we can help you make the jump from East to West, to enter the French, Spanish, British, or German markets, or in the opposite direction to expand into the Baltic Countries or other Eastern European countries:

We can support your projects with the following services:


Market research and insights

When you plan to export, it is important to understand well your target market and the scope of the opportunity: is it the right market for you? How large is it? Who are your main competitors? What products are currently available in the market, and for what price?

Tirgus Consult will prepare for you an in-depth analysis of your target market. The research will give you a thorough understanding of market growth, available products and prices, customer demand, and different distribution channels. Finally, Tirgus Consult will recommend the best product positioning, distribution channel and market entrance strategy.

Key contact search

Once you have all necessary information on your target market and have decided on the high-level entrance strategy, the next step is starting to work with the key local contacts: potential partners, customers, distributors. On your behalf, Tirgus Consult will choose the most promising local partners, contact them and test their interest in your products. The result will be a selected list of key interested contacts that you will be able to start working with, either on your own or with the ongoing support of Tirgus Consult.

Referencing and distribution negotiations

In many cases, and particularly in the retail industry, the process to begin selling through a new channel involves a multi-step negotiation with the distributor, who will select only a limited number of references. Tirgus Consult can help you navigate this process preparing high-quality documentation, acting as your representative in in-person meetings and advising you on the best approach.

Export Agent

To ensure long-term product distribution and follow-up, Tirgus Consult can act as your export representative abroad to ensures the permanence of your product in the market. This includes relationship management with your distributors abroad, as well as continuous search for new distributors, retailers and regular status updates on the competition and market environment.